Sealing Processes & Pre Treatments

Sealing Processes

We offer 2 different seal processes. Dichromate seal is a popular process which is used by aerospace, military and sub-sea industry, dichromate seals are used where enhanced corrosion resistance is required and where the imparted yellowish/green color to the coating is not important. Our other sealing process is nickel fluoride seal (cold seal) this is more typically used on standard anodising to prevent corrosion and colour anodising to lock in the colour.

Alochrome 1200

Alochrome 1200 is a chromate conversion coating - an extremely thin chemical coating that adds desirable characteristics to the surface of an aluminium part such as:
  • Enhanced Corrosion Resistance
  • Enhanced Bonding Ability
  • Electrically Conductive
Compared to anodising, chromate offers a couple of advantages, for example, it is not an electrical process and is a very good pre-treatments for paint.

Alochrome 1000

Alochrome 1000 is a non chromate conversion treatment for aluminium and aluminium alloys. It is used at low concentrations and rapidly develops a clear film, which increases the corrosion resistance of unpainted aluminium without changing the natural aluminium finish.

It provides an excellent base for clear organic coatings, since it promotes better bonding and prevents under paint corrosion. Alochrome 1000 can be applied by spray or immersion.